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Tasting Notes: Likya Isinda Rose 2009 – Rice from Pounded Unripe Wheat with Shrimps / Steamed Vegetables with Celery/Red Beet Purée

Likya Wines are producing interesting wines from Antalya – Elmali region of Turkey. This Rose Wine from 2009 vintage made by Kalecik Karasi grape, has classic salmon color. Strawberry is very intensive on the nose and the palate, just like … Continue reading

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It’s a classic… Pandeli…

Try to enter the 450 years old legendary Spice Bazaar (or Egyptian Bazaar) located in Eminonu district of Istanbul from the front gate towards the sea. Once you cross the Bazaar’s heavy duty iron gates immediately turn left and you … Continue reading

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Eating wine…

I like to have interesting news about world of wine… This time the news is coming from United States… According to “Terre de Vins” two old friends “Bret Birnbaum” and “David Zablocki” have created a gourmet “sorbet” from wine (actually … Continue reading

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Tasting notes: 2 different Kalecik Karasi varietal– Trajan Kalecik Karasi 2009 and Vinolus Kalecik Karasi 2007

“Kalecik Karasi” grape is Turkey’s one of the special varietal grapes originated from the town of Kalecik nearby Ankara Central Anatolia. Trajan is trademark of Tomurcukbag vineyards from Kalecik town. Their 2009 vintage Kalecik Karasi wine is a good example … Continue reading

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Tasting notes: Couly Dutheil – Les Chanteaux – 2009 – Chenin Blanc – Artichoke Risotto and Enginarlı Risotto and Surmallet with Vegetables

The last day I read an article in the newspaper about Chenin Blanc and immediately I wanted to remember this very nice wine of Loire Valley. We wanted to cook Artichoke Risotto and Surmallet with Vegetables and pair them with … Continue reading

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Tasting notes: Schloss Johannisberg Riesling Spatlese – Grünlack – Rheingau – 2009

“Spatlese” is one of Germany’s late harvest vines. As a result of late harvest, inevitably the wine has a sweeter structure. The producer of this “Spatlese” from 2009 vintage is the one who owns historically the creation of this style … Continue reading

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News about Australian wines…

An interesting article written by “Matt Kramer” in Wine Spectator magazine: The article tells about the story regarding the “decrease” in the popularity of Australian wines within the last few years. Kramer tells about also the decline in the … Continue reading

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