A comment about Neal Martin’s scores…

It was about 1,5 years ago when I met with Kayra’s wine director (a Turkish Wine Producer) and discussed about the possibility of meeting with Robert Parker or his experts and getting scores from them for Turkish wines. He had a bit pessimist view at that time and told me that it was quite impossible for Turkish wines to be recognized at international level because Turkey is a Muslim country. I told him that I disagree this view, “if you can act in an organized way together with other Turkish vineyards, there might be some possibility to have some formations and attempts.”

Now what I see is that, the things which I was telling at 1,5 years ago is bearing its fruits, thanks to “Wines of Turkey” platform which was founded in 2010 between seven Turkish wine producers. In any case, it is a good development for Turkish wines to be scored at “erobertparker.com” website by Neal Martin and also this means some importance to me due to the story I told above. But, here the thing which should be considered is that Neal Martin or other experts are going to continue to taste Turkish wines only in London or in Turkey or as well as in other international events with a sustainable understanding?

I always believe that such attempts are not easy to take, so I put one side the scores of Turkish wines at Robert Parker’s website, but on the other side, even for many people who read those notes on the site must have come up with the impression of “Do the Turks producing wine?”… I am quite sure about that…

So, this is the main goal at this point… Creation of awareness… To say that “we are also here in this world“…

Let’s come to the other point… In my opinion two matters are getting important at this stage…

The first point is that certainly the matter of the quality – either it reflects the scores or not -; many wine enthusiast point out this issue already… But it should also be considered that there is a tremendous commerce of low to medium quality wines at global level, where many of these wines which Neal Martin scored can be introduced to this global market – it must be introduced in deed… May be some of the wines does not reflect those scores, maybe it was a psychological scoring for Neal Martin; however, I believe that he might have also considered the “price” issue while scoring these wines. This might be a reason for why Kayra’s famous “Imperial” got lower scores against others…

But in any case, there is no meaning for being pessimistic and in my opinion it a must that Turkish wines must be represented in global markets. At this stage, the only important matter is the “marketing” and having “sustainable quality”… While many other wine producers all over the world producing some low quality wines and distributing to the global market, we shall orient ourselves in a better way with a modest understanding and we shall also protect the price-quality level based on global markets in order to open our gates to sell our wines all over the world… I do not believe that there would be any harm for a kind of continuous exporting.

The second point about this issue is, that the people or the society whom Neal Martin appeals at Robert Parker’s website… Now, I do not know what kind of results we have got since WOT (Wines of Turkey) has been found… Is the expectation getting orders from “Fat Duck” for Kayra’s Imperial wine? Or, dispatching Sevilen’s “White 900” to “El Bulli”? (Even Ferran Adria is closing his doors in a while) So what is this expectation? Is this target Michelin starred restaurants? Or, exporting all type of Turkish wines from UK to US or from Continental Europe to Far East markets, entering into supermarkets and to any kind of restaurants over there?  Or both?

All these targets and matters need specific separate planning, production and quality processes together with certain sales & marketing manners. But one fact is unchangeable, which is the “price – quality” balance must be always based on global market levels. I do not believe that a conscious wine enthusiast would pay around 60 – 70 Euros for a wine scored 84 points by Neal Martin… But it can be paid 15 – 20 Euros for a wine scored 89 – 90 points, however, at this stage the quality matter would appear. And of course not only this quality would be based on Neal Martin’s scores; but we may need also other wine experts’ critics for the same wines. So for this reason, I return back to the same point which I figured out at the beginning of this article that different wine experts and MWs must taste Turkish wines in different environments and evaluate them accordingly. Otherwise all these events, organizations, exhibitions and meetings and related scores will be a certain deception for ourselves …

About Murat Mumcuoglu

Crazy about wine & gastronomy... Chef & Owner of Istanbul's smallest tapas bar "Hola Panini & Tapas" located in Moda district...
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