Tasting notes: Vinolus Vineyards – Chardonnay 2009 – Turkey

I decided to order all Vinolus wines including Chardonnay 2009 directly from the producer after I heard that they had been awarded for “silver” medal at the “chardonnay du monde” competition a few weeks ago.

Finally I opened this award winner Chardonnay. I have to  remind that I usually prefer to drink such wines with a food which can be a good pairing with the wine so that, I decided to cook for a typical dish which I like; Chicken with cream and chives…

Let’s start for the wine… First of all I have to thank to all staff at Vinolus vineyards who produced this Chardonnay… In my opinion, this is the best Bourgone style of Chardonnay ever produced in Turkey.

So, what’s about this wine anyway?.. I have to say that this wine is produced in Kayseri – exactly south of Cappadocia region (Central Anatolia) in Molu Ranch. The soil is volcanic “tufa” type soil which is the typical soil around Cappadocia region. All vineyards in this ranch are organic and this Chardonnay is produced from the first vintage of these organic vineyards.

I have been always looking for white wines from Cappadocia region of Turkey, because, the terroir here is certainly convenient for white grapes. I even some times discussed this matter with some producers of the region, but, they usually think the matter economically and prefer for red wine production instead (because red wine sells more in Turkey)…

But this is not the case for Vinolus vineyards…

Vinolus Chardonnay 2009 has a pale yellow (may be a pale artichoke yellow) with open silver (may be white gold) rims. On the nose there is very intensive white flower aromas together with peach, apricot, orange blossom, white cherry and yellow plum aromas are followed by vanilla, butter and smoky notes.

Very fresh and live on the palate with generous acidity and a balanced medium body. A very good integration of oak into the wine which you do not feel too many oaky notes and you can feel the fruit and flower notes so intensively. Great long finish with green apple and citrus aromas… A certain potential lies here…

French oenologue, Edouard Guerin, wine supervisor for another Turkish Domaine (Turasan) from Cappadocia region, is also working for Vinolus as well. The wine is matured in French oak barrels for 11 months and produced by “sur lie” method.

An absolute fascinating wine from a very young producer and very vineyard… Hope that this success continues…

About Murat Mumcuoglu

Crazy about wine & gastronomy... Chef & Owner of Istanbul's smallest tapas bar "Hola Panini & Tapas" located in Moda district...
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