Tasting notes: Schloss Johannisberg Riesling Spatlese – Grünlack – Rheingau – 2009

“Spatlese” is one of Germany’s late harvest vines. As a result of late harvest, inevitably the wine has a sweeter structure.

The producer of this “Spatlese” from 2009 vintage is the one who owns historically the creation of this style of wine, Schloss Johannisberg” from Rheingau region. Based on the story, the discovery of “Spatlese” is seems to be a bit coincidence. So, the story is that, since the beginning of 18th century, a written permission announced by Prince-Bishop of Fulda was necessary to start the harvest in Johannisberg, by means of “autumn courier” – called “Herbs kurier”- in German. In 1775, the courier was delayed for 14 days. Accordingly the harvest started about a delay of 14 days where noble rot – “Botrytis” – was set in the vineyards. The wine produced from this late harvest vineyards effected by the noble rot was unexpectedly good, so that “Spatlese” wines came into the view.

This “Spatlese” is produced by 100% Riesling grapes which is one of my favorite white grapes, has a low alcohol volume of 8,5% with 97,4 gr/l residual sugar.

The color is quite dark artichoke, may be a bit lemon color. The nose is so tropical that you feel yourself in “Damnoen Saduak Floating Market” in Thailand or may be in a Caribbean Island. There are significant tropical notes of passion fruit, mango and pine apple with hints of dried apricot, melon, acacia, yellow apple, honey, a bit of pear and orange blossom behind.

The palate is very impressive, intensive and full bodied with vibrant acidity. You feel all the flavors intensively on the palate as well, with a very long and enjoyable finish. I may say that even my wife – who does not enjoy sweet wines too much – like this “Spatlese” , so that, there is certain potential lies here 🙂

About Murat Mumcuoglu

Crazy about wine & gastronomy... Chef & Owner of Istanbul's smallest tapas bar "Hola Panini & Tapas" located in Moda district...
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