Tasting Notes: Likya Isinda Rose 2009 – Rice from Pounded Unripe Wheat with Shrimps / Steamed Vegetables with Celery/Red Beet Purée

Likya Wines are producing interesting wines from Antalya – Elmali region of Turkey. This Rose Wine from 2009 vintage made by Kalecik Karasi grape, has classic salmon color. Strawberry is very intensive on the nose and the palate, just like a strawberry garden. Especially on the palate it gives me an effect that I was drinking strawberry juice instead of wine. Some other red berry flavors are also following the strawberry on the nose and palate. May be it requires a bit more acidity however; this is a nice and refreshing wine to drink…

We had already cooked some rice from pounded unripe wheat which we have purchased from Ipek Hanim Farm, together with Roasted Turkey a few weeks ago… This rice has become an obsession for us due to its very aromatic and full texture. To my mind, this rice is easier to cook with different ingredients which make it much sophisticated.

So, our experience was using shrimps and some green peas with this rice from pounded unripe wheat. While cooking the rice you really feel all the intense flavors coming from the village. WE add the shrimps and green peas just before the end of cooking since I want them all to be cooked “al dente”. So, that’s it… On the other hand, we used vegetable stock for this rice in order to reach to the peak level… I add some fresh chopped dills and parsley on the top.

It’s been always a pleasure for me to cook steamed vegetables with a touch of extra virgin olive oil… That was a good side dish on the plate…

I have to confess that the celery and red beet purée was a quite coincidence for me to discover. Actually we wanted to cook for a typical celery and red beet dish all in one pan style and after cooking the dish I changed my mind and decided to put them all in a blender and made a purée. I was satisfied from the result actually. However, the texture was quite full and intense so it’s better not to put too much on the plate… I will try to develop this idea in the near future by the way…

About Murat Mumcuoglu

Crazy about wine & gastronomy... Chef & Owner of Istanbul's smallest tapas bar "Hola Panini & Tapas" located in Moda district...
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