Barbecue @ home…

While the whole family was in Istanbul during the 4 days holiday period, we wanted to end up with nice dishes together with excellent wines… This time we ‘ve got grilled New York steak with classical red wine sauce, grilled meat balls with mashed potatoes, rice from pounded unripe wheat with green peas and sautéed asparagus with garlic…

I have chosen Super Tuscan wines with these dishes; “Tignanello 2004” and “Guidalberto 2008” (Sassicaia’s second wine).

However, I shall tell about the dishes first before passing to Super Tuscans…

“Etçii Steak House” is one of my favorite butchers which have nice options such as dried aged or fresh steaks, sausages and salamis. Generally I use my “lava stone grill” in the kitchen and the result is really nice. If you do not have such a grill, you must have a cast iron grill pan otherwise you may not be able to cook such a thick meat. There are some important points while making grill. First I put some olive oil and sea salt on the meat and then I put the meat in the fridge. About 30 minutes before start cooking I take out the meat from fridge and let it gets warm in the kitchen atmosphere. I turn on the grill before cooking (about 5-10 minutes advance) starting from low temperature to high. After all I put the meat on the grill carefully.

The meats stick on the grill immediately and after about one minute they let themselves. One of the most important matter is, not to touch the meat during grilling. Only you should touch it while turning the other side. If you have a well heated grill 4 minutes for each side would be enough to cook “medium-raw” level. It would have a “medium” level for 5 – 5.5 minutes. After you stop grilling you must set aside the meats for a while in a plate so that the meat leaves itself.

This time, I thought about to put some sauces on the top of the meat and I prepared a typical red wine sauce. The main ingredients are finely chopped onion, finely chopped rosemary and 2-3 cups of red wine. Put some olive oil in sauce pan and add the onions and rosemary. After a while add the red wine and let the wine gets evaporate. After then the sauce is ready. Put the sauce on the top of the meat while it is hot and serve as hot…

For the mashed potatoes, we first boil the potatoes. Then we take out the skins and chop the potatoes. We add some butter, olive oil, truffle oil, finely chopped rosemary and sauté them all in a pan. Then add some sea salt, thyme and mint. After a while we add a small cup of milk and start to mash the potatoes. After we mash well the potatoes we turn off the heat and add some little butter, truffle oil and milk and then it is ready. We put one meatball on the bottom then mashed potatoes and another meatball on the top as presentation.

I believe anyone who follows this blog is aware of “rice from pounded unripe wheat”. In each time we cook this type of rice we try to use different ingredients and every time we really love it! This time we used green peas which got from Ipek Hanim farm again. For me this rice is a real gem!

May is one of the best months for eating “asparagus”. In Turkey unfortunately, for a reason which I have never learned nor understood I can never find asparagus neither in the street markets nor in the supermarkets. I hardly find them in some large supermarkets at very stupid high prices. Although I love the white asparagus which is more aromatic than the green one I can only hardly find it as canned which I don’t like to use in my dishes. When I hardly find the green asparagus I like to cook it as sautéed or grilled. Sometimes I use “prosciutto di Parma” while grilling them together as a delicious antipasti. This time I used the “prosciutto” in the caprese salad (classical Italian salad made by mozzarella, tomato and basil). I sautéed the asparagus with garlic and served them on the top of the New York steaks.

So that’s it for the dishes… The wines are on the next posts…

About Murat Mumcuoglu

Crazy about wine & gastronomy... Chef & Owner of Istanbul's smallest tapas bar "Hola Panini & Tapas" located in Moda district...
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