Tasting notes: Barbare Prestige 2009

“Barbare” was one of the successful wines during the tasting sessions of “Master of Wine weekend” held last month in Istanbul.  They have organic vineyards nearby Tekirdag’s Barbaros village.

“Barbare” is one of Turkey’s new wines and finally I got a chance to taste this one at Sensus Wine Boutique located near Galata Tower in Istanbul. We purchased the bottle for 55 TL. This “Barbare Prestige 2009” is an interesting blend of 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 27% Merlot, 2% Syrah and 1% Grenache.

It is written on the bottle that the wine is matured in French oak barrels for 18 months. Totally 570 cases were produced for this wine.

Dark ruby color. On the nose significant oaky notes are followed by blackberries, plum, violet. Some hints of Black pepper is behind. It is strong and vibrant on the palate. The tannins are softer than I was expecting actually. However the body is quite medium level. Actually I was expecting a full bodied wine but as a result this is what we have. It can certainly be enjoyed at this moment.

Actually on the palate fruity notes are much more significant. Blackpepper, carob, blueberry and blackberry aromas are very nice. During the quite long finish there is some bitterness coming from the alcohol (14,4%).

About Murat Mumcuoglu

Crazy about wine & gastronomy... Chef & Owner of Istanbul's smallest tapas bar "Hola Panini & Tapas" located in Moda district...
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